Bosnia and Herzegovina

Providing Assistance To The Victims Of Trafficking In Human Beings*


Since 1999, the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) has had a key role in providing accommodation to victims of trafficking in human beings. It is related to the fact that it was the only  organisation being able to implement the repatriation at that time. Over that period, the majority of VoTs were of foreign origin.

Former Yogoslav Republic of Macedonia

Service provided  Non-governmental Organisation  State agency 


Services provided to Victims of Trafficking in Moldova* 


Service provided  Non-governmental Organisation  State agency **  Other 
Anti-trafficking helpline 

La Strada Moldova

+ 373 22 233309

(Hot line)

Other NGOs in Chisinau and in some regions of RM


High Lights of Victims Support in Turkey*


  • “The National Task Force on Fight Against Human Trafficking” (NTF) which was established in 2002 under the chairmanship of MoFA convenes every two months with the participation of relevant institutions and organizations to discuss trafficking-related issues including victim support and ways to improve it.